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For the complete Pilates beginner.

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Whether you need to improve your posture, rehab from an injury or illness, manage a back issue, improve your flexibility and mobility, or find the compliment to another sport such as running, golf, cycling, horse riding, football or swimming, Pilates can help. But it’s so important that get a full, and comprehensive introduction.
At Bodywork-Pilates, we want to make your introduction as simple, smooth and enjoyable as possible.
* No joining an already established class where everyone seems to know what they are doing.
* No struggling with terminology that seems completely alien.
* No large classes where you can hide, or get lost, in the crowd.

Our Pilates Introductory Programme (PIP) is a full, supportive programme that will guide you through all the necessary underpinning knowledge, including breathing, neutral, connections and basic, common moves, allowing you to safely integrate into a level one or beginner group class.

Starting with a 2.5 hour practical workshop, then a further 5 classes (included in your investment) to gain experience and increase your knowledge and repertoire. Plus a dedicated FB group for ongoing support.
This is the most comprehensive start to your Pilates journey.

Sessions are kept small for maximum attention and are hosted by 2 highly qualified and experienced instructors.


The Studio, PD Centre, Cefn-Y-Bedd, LL12 9UL
1.00-3.30pm, Saturday 14th July 2018
1.00-3.30pm, Saturday 8th September 2018
1.00-3.30pm, Saturday 29th September 2018


Investment- £60.00

Contact us for further information and advice.