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Soon Be Christmas

As I write this, there are only 16 Fridays until Christmas 2014. That fact will either fill you with dread or joy!
And Blackpool has had the big switch on- this year by the hugely funny Peter Kaye.
Both of these facts mean one thing. Summer is pretty much over. Oh we might get a bit more good weather- but as the kids go back to school and the nights get noticeably longer, it’s safe to say that the bulk of the year is well and truly behind us.
So, what are your plans for September?
What goals or plans are you laying down?
It’s often this time of the year we realise how we have let our fitness, nutrition and health slip. It’s easy to do. Holidays, a change of hours or home commitments.
My Kick Start Fat Loss™ tribe are setting their post-holiday, pre-Christmas goals and are even creating personal hashtags in order to keep their goals in the forefront of their minds. And of course, they get that all important group support so that when they feel they can’t do it, or feel a bit overwhelmed at the task ahead, someone has their back. Genuinely.

If you want to join them and get your health, fitness, fat loss, weight management, mind set and confidence on track, contact us.
Join in September and pay only £40 for 28 days, with subsequent months only £27. For that you get included;

* 8 studio Pilates, fat loss and fitness classes a week
* 24/7 support, motivation and education both live and online
* Multiple online workouts to use at home for continued success
* Recipes and meal plans so you never get bored or lack any essential nutrients in your diet

You won’t find a more efficient, or cost effective programme in Chester.

Kick Start Fat Loss™ is a nationally backed programme that has been running since January 2013 and is constantly evolving with the latest research.

Get in touch. Get involved. Get started.

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