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Another temporary timetable!!

No sooner have we got back to the regular timetable after Summer holidays, than we have another temporary one to cover my absence. After almost 30 years of injury and surgeries, my right knee is being replaced with a shiny new one on Wednesday. I’m weirdly looking […]

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Soon Be Christmas

As I write this, there are only 16 Fridays until Christmas 2014. That fact will either fill you with dread or joy! And Blackpool has had the big switch on- this year by the hugely funny Peter Kaye. Both of these facts mean one thing. Summer is […]

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And There It Was.

So, Christmas is done. Was it worth all the rushing, stressing and tantrums? I hope so, otherwise what was it all for? But what now? New Years resolutions? The promise to get fitter? To lose some weight? These seem to be recurring themes for most people. And […]

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A Leap Of Faith

  Recently, myself and 7 others went coasteering off Anglesey, North Wales. If you haven’t come across coasteering, imagine yourself in a wetsuit, trainers, buoyancy aid and helmet clambering over wet rocks and leaping off them into a torrid sea.  Sounds like fun? It most certainly was. […]

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The New Website

My poor website designer, the lovely Callie, is scared to turn her ipad on at the moment for fear that I am there again, asking more questions about things she has already covered with me. I am no technical bod and every time she asked me something […]

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Snow and Productivity

The snow, whilst disruptive, looks very pretty and afforded me a 3 day weekend, which was unexpected and very productive. From the comfort of my own jammies, I managed to plough through so much of my To-Do list. Those things that need a bit of uninterrupted time […]

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Bodyworks-Pilates Blog

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So, here it is. At long last I have joined the phenomenon that is blogging. I have semi kept a diary for years (Called My Life in Short Crises) which chronicles the way The Current Mr Conway and I bounce from one small hiccup to the next […]

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