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Another temporary timetable!!

No sooner have we got back to the regular timetable after Summer holidays, than we have another temporary one to cover my absence.
After almost 30 years of injury and surgeries, my right knee is being replaced with a shiny new one on Wednesday. I’m weirdly looking forward to it! The only fly in the ointment is that for the first time – even though it is my 27th surgery on it – it will not be under general anaesthetic but by spinal block or epidural. Now, the only other surgery I have ever had under a local anaesthetic was cosmetic surgery to a badly scarred arm – and although sedated to a certain degree, I still talked. ALL THE WAY THROUGH IT!! Most of my lovely friends and clients seem to think the consultant will put me under before we are even half way through!

However, my absence means that I will not be around to teach for a while. So a temporary timetable will be in place from Wednesday 8th October until approximately mid November. There will still be a great mix of classes, although by necessity, some classes will be suspended until I return. You can pick up a hard copy from the studio or view it on the website.

BUT – we also have a few other things happening.
Saturday 11th October, 9-11am we are running IGNITE, a 2 hour fat burning, fitness, Pilates and nutrition workshop. Only £10.00
Saturday 15th November, 11.30am-3.30pm, Pilates Preliminaries Workshop. For the complete Pilates beginner, £40 (this will be the last group session of 2014)
Friday 21st November, Winter Pilates & Yoga Retreat in Llandudno.
£205 per person (or join us from Thursday 20th November for £275)
Christmas Kick Start Fat Loss™. Join now and get membership until 24th December for only £100.
Almost 12 weeks of support, studio classes, @home workouts, nutrition, recipe & meal ideas, education and motivation from a proven programme. Running since January 2013, this nationally backed and supported programme is the best and most effective programme around.

To book into any classes, workshop or KSFL programme, contact Russ at the studio, 01244 377 778 or 07905 931993

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Clare, Callie and Claudia for covering for me and of course, TCMC who will not only be working flat out, but will once again be playing nursemaid to me.

See you all soon, ready to run marathons and leap tall buildings!!

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