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And There It Was.

So, Christmas is done.

Was it worth all the rushing, stressing and tantrums?
I hope so, otherwise what was it all for?
But what now?
New Years resolutions? The promise to get fitter? To lose some weight?
These seem to be recurring themes for most people. And that’s fine. We all start a new year with renewed enthusiasm and vigour.
But how long does it last?
Do you go off like an explosive rocket, bright and loud?
Can you sustain it?
Can you give yourself the time and energy to achieve those goals?
Are they realistic goals, or have you set the bar too high?

You need to be enthusiastic.
You need to set some goals. Goals that are constantly reviewed and modified. But they have to be realistic to start with.

How about keeping them simple?
Would you not feel happier and more proud of yourself if you set smaller goals that you could see come to fruition, than great big goals that you fail at, leaving you feeling defeated and despondent?

Keep your goals simple;
* Drink an extra glass of water every day.
* Try a new vegetable very week.
* Do a 10 minute workout 5 times a week.
* Have 1 meat free day every week.
* Sit and daydream silently for 10minutes every day.

Every time a goal becomes set and commonplace, work on another.
Review at the end of the year- and congratulate yourself on your achievements.
Small, consistent changes add up to significant progress.

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